Club Tryouts 2019

Pre-registration is closed as of 5pm Friday, Nov 15. However, you can sign up at Tryouts.

U18-U15 Club Tryouts Nov 16 & 17 and now NOV 19th!


University School of Milwaukee Main Gym

2100 W Fairy Chasm Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53217

U16 8-9pm USM

U15 8-9 pm USM

U17/18 8-9 pm USM

Saturday Nov 16

University School of Milwaukee Main Gym

2100 W Fairy Chasm Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53217

U16 9-11 am USM

U15 11:30-1:30 pm USM

U17/18 2-4 pm USM

Sunday Nov 17

University School of Milwaukee Main Gym

2100 W Fairy Chasm Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53217

U16  9-10:30 am

U15 11-12:30 pm 

U17/18  1-2:30 pm 

$45 includes both days

PARENTS: We will host a short Q&A if you’d like to learn more about the program. Meeting will begin at the start of your player’s tryout time.

You Must Bring Completed Forms & Card to Tryouts

  1. Concussion Form
  2. Medical Release form
  3. Wisconsin Premier Waiver
  4. Photo Release

PLUS, you MUST bring a copy of your Badger Region Membership:

To register with Badger Region go to:

More Badger Region info:

Badger Region player page sign up with age definition

Badger Region Age Definition Chart Only

To see the full tryout and commit policy as a Badger Region member, click here.

We recognize the Tryout process is stressful. We want to ease this stress by putting your athlete first. This means we wait until the evening to post offer numbers. We don’t give on-site offers with the intention of protecting each athlete while respecting the process.

We also ease stress by having a closed tryout. The gym is open ONLY to coaches and players. Parents may stay in the lobby, but are not allowed in the gym. Sorry parents, we know you care about your player but your presence lends added pressure to the experience for many.

We know if you’re informed and we can manage expectations, stress is further eliminated. Therefore, please read below to understand how Wisconsin Premier’s Tryout Process works.

Tryout Process

  1. Your player will be greeted by the Wisconsin Premier Coaching Staff in the gym.
  2. Your player will do a variety of drills including setting, serving, passing and hitting.
  3. Throughout the session, coaches are evaluating your player individually and may move player to different courts.
  4. At the end of the tryout, it will be communicated that tryout numbers (Offers) will be listed on the website in numerical order.
  5. Day One Tryout Offer list will be available at 10:00pm on Saturday Evening on the Wisconsin Premier website: Tryout Results .
    (Under CLUB INFO in website header on the “Tryout Results” page.)
  6. Day Two Tryout Offers list will be available within TWO HOURS post tryout time.

Note: The fee covers both day of tryouts.





– If you DO receive an offer = Your number is ON the website

  1. Please email and let the staff know you accept our offer and will be a part of Wisconsin Premier team.
  2. Then Player must go to their Badger Region membership and change Club Affiliation to Wisconsin Premier VB Club. Please email us at to let us know when this has happened.
  3. Please let us know IMMEDIATELY  if you are declining as a courtesy to others that waiting for an offer.
  4. Please attend the second day of tryouts so coaches can assess the whole team as it’s likely there will be open spots to consider.


– If your name is on the BUBBLE List, PLEASE SHOW UP ON SUNDAY.

This is another opportunity to show skills on Day Two of tryouts. Offers still may be pending.

On the website there may be offered spots labeled TBD. Therefore you may still have an opportunity to make a team.


– If you DO NOT receive an offer = Your number is NOT on the website

This is another opportunity to show skills on Day Two of tryouts. Offers still may be pending.

Please come back on Sunday. It takes time for the teams to get sorted and there is always a possibility that openings or another team may be created.


We understand the urgency to you knowing your fate for Club season. It usually takes a week for this process to shake out. Really. Please be patient. Every year we hear from regretful families wishing they would’ve waited their allotted time. For example, Player Susie didn’t get an offer on Day One. She panics and accepts an offer at another club. After Day Two, WPVBC coaches call to present an offer to Player Susie. She has to decline because she accepted elsewhere. Susie wanted to play for WPVBC knowing we have top rated teams and stellar coaches. Nobody wins.

Please respect the timing on the process. The best we can do is be honest and communicate with you. We want to find a home for all those who tryout for WPVBC.

If you have any questions at any time, please email us.

Please note – Badger Region rules state that all VB Clubs are only allowed one club initiated contact with your Player post tryouts. However, a family may contact our staff as many times as you like.


If you have any questions, please email

Click here to download our Tryout Process