At Wisconsin Premier we work tirelessly to provide your player with a superior coaching staff, safe places to practice and play and invest in her overall well-being to make sure she has the best possible experience on and off the court.

We know you invest time, energy, hard work and money in having your player be a part of this sport. So, we spend many hours finding value so we are able to pass that on to our families.

Below is more info in regards to 2018 season dues and off-setting them with fundraising.

Thank you for being a part of our Wisconsin Premier family.


  • What does it cost to play for Wisconsin Premier?
    Each team has different pricing levels. The variables included in the team fee are as follows: tournament fees, practice facilities, uniforms, coaches, travel expenses, warm-ups and equipment (balls and carts). Fees are subject to change based on final team details and variables noted above.
  • Does Premier have Fundraising opportunities?
    Yes. We have opportunities based upon participants.  We are always open to fresh, successful ideas so please share any suggestions.

  • When is payment due?
    Payment is due Oct 21st for 14 and Under Teams.
    Payment is due December 15th for  15’s and above Teams.