From Camp to Club

Our Coaches are simply the best

We are so fortunate to have some of the best coaches working with our players. They bring energy, fun and experience to the game making your player’s season that much stronger.
Directors:   Alex Uhan, Laura Leszczynski & Fred Pramenko

Bringing the talent

Wisconsin Premier has grown into a leading VB Club in southeastern Wisconsin. I owe a big thank you to our coaches and players for setting the bar higher each year!

Fred Pramenko

Club Coaching Staff

12 Teal

Alex Uhan

12 White

Rachel Scaduto
Kate Pramenko

13 Teal

Michelle Lastovich
Bob VanHimbergen

13 White

Krista Tesch

14 Teal

Jac Zader

14 White

Sean Patterson

15 Teal

Shannon Klink

15 White

Charley Kashou

A winning combination

Our staff works diligently to find strong coaches and enthusiastic players. We work to bring your player the very best experience on and off the court.

Alex Uhan