Alison Kescenovitz

Alison Kescenovitz

Alison started coaching with Premier since 2015. She brings great experience and communication to all of her players and teams.


Coached Wisconsin Premier 13 Teal for four seasons.
Coach at Sheboygan Falls Volleyball Club
Coached 4th-6th grade rec league
Coached two middle school teams

More about Alison

What are your volleyball accomplishments as a player or coach?
As player – Team captain
As coach – Every year has been a success just in the fact that each of my players have become better at the sport of Volleyball over the course of the season. The last two years my teams have earned a trip to USAV Nationals which was a great accomplishment and a special experience!

Your favorite part about coaching volleyball?
I love seeing the excitement in my players eyes after they make a good play or receive a compliment. When the team comes together and supports the success of their teammate, that is what makes volleyball such an awesome sport.

Favorite VB memory?
My favorite memory of playing volleyball was traveling with my Slinger Shockwave club team. I loved spending the whole weekend with my team both on and off the court.

Why Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club?
There are a number of reasons. First, Wisconsin Premier supports players participating in activities other than volleyball. I was very involved as a youth in volleyball, basketball, 4-H, and band and struggled at times when leaders wanted you to dedicate yourself to just one thing. I became who I am today by being involved in all of them. Second, the coaching staff at Premier is phenomenal. They are willing to step in to help you with practices, talk through any questions or concerns you have, and support your players, even if you are scrimmaging against each other. It is such a positive environment for coaches and players!

What do you do outside of volleyball?
I am physical therapist at St. Nicholas Hospital and Prevea Health in Sheboygan working with individuals after injury, surgery, stroke, or anything that impedes their independence in their daily life. I also continue to be involved in 4-H as a leader and enjoy doing craft activities like basketry, quilting, and scrapbooking. I spend as much time outside as I can hiking, biking, running, or just sitting on the porch reading a good book.

Favorite Quote?
We cannot choose the things that will happen to us, but we can choose the attitude we take toward anything that happens. Success or failure depends on your attitude. – Alfred A. Montapert