Chanda Royal

Chanda Royal

First year with Wisconsin Premier. Previously a head coach at Block Party VBC for 3 years, coaching 14s and 16s girls. Coached incoming freshman at De Pere High School during the summers for 2 years before graduating from De Pere High School. Played 4 years in high school: JV (2014), Varsity (2015,2016,2017).
Played club volleyball at Wisconsin Power, now known as One Wisconsin, in Green Bay for 7 years.

More about Coach Chanda

Favorite part about coaching: seeing athletes improve, grow, and learn throughout the seasons.

Favorite volleyball memory: my favorite memories come from before the actual games; being in the locker room with all my teammates jamming to music, laughing, and getting hype for the game.

Why Wisconsin Premier: Wisconsin Premier is known to bring in top talent and facilitate a high level of play, which is why I reached out about coaching. Right off the bat I was given a kind, and warm welcome into the club. It is clear that they treat both their coaches and players like family.

What do you do outside of volleyball?: I work in finance at Kohler Co. In my free time, I’m usually playing volleyball with friends whether it be in the gym or on the beach.

Favorite Quote: “Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent”