Jessie Kalous

Jessie Kalous


Played 6 years of Club volleyball and team and took 2nd and 3rd at JVA Nationals in Florida.

Went to Greenfield High School.

All Conference Middle, all 4 years in high school. 

“Player of the year” in the Woodland Conference.

Plays Division 1 volleyball at UW-Milwaukee for the Panthers. 

Coached many UW-Milwaukee and Greenfield camps. 

Coached positional training for Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club.

Assistant Coach for Wisconsin Premier Club teams.

More about Coach Jessie

My volleyball accomplishments:
I have won all conference and all first conference three out of four years in high school. I took second my 18s year and first at nationals by 16s year of club. I took second at conference my freshman year of college. I received a full scholarship to UW-Milwaukee!

Favorite part about coaching volleyball:
I love coaching, because It brings me a great amount of joy and happiness. I love being able to work with kids.Knowing that I can help them grow in there skills, achievements, and cognitive skills bring a sense of accomplishment and rewarding feeling. I love working with players who are very coachable. Being coachable are kids who can take feedback and apply it to thier game. These individuals are always ready to learn and grow. By being a coach I feel like I am also giving back to my sport by helping others grow and be that much better then they were before. I love coaching and I love this sport. Nothing brings me greater joy.

Favorite Volleyball memory:
One of my favorite memories of high school was a match against Greendale. That game I played the best I ever had in my entire volleyball career. I had 30 attempts and 22 kills. It was one of my biggest and most finest moment as a volleyball player.

Another great memory was my 16s year of club. We took first at nationals and it was one of the best feeling ever!

My last favorite volleyball memory was playing Minnesota my freshman year. We didn’t win but we lost by two in the fifth set. Being able to be a part of that match and be very successful as a freshman is a game I will never forget.

Why Wisconsin Premier?
I chose to coach at Wisconsin Premier because first off my younger sister played for this club, and so watching how this program worked and how well their coaching staff was I wanted to be apart of that culture. I believe this club is a bit smaller than others, but I can do great things. With this club I feel like there is a more personal connection with the coaches and players. I think this club wants you to get better in all your skills, but also enjoy it along the way. I believe I can fit in with this type of culture very well.

What do you do outside volleyball?
Outside of volleyball I love to still be active playing other sports, reading at Starbucks, I like to watch Netflix, spend time with family and friends, I love to bowl, spend time with my cat, go shopping, and help out at my church with any community work they do.

Favorite quote:
“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl, but by all means keep moving forward.” By Martin Luther King junior.