At Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club our high level goal is to bring our passion and knowledge of the game of volleyball to youth players. To us, this is a formula that includes willing players with a great attitude, an experienced coaching staff that develops and encourages and a club that watches over both to make sure we stay on target to give everyone a fun and memorable experience.

Club Philosophy:

At Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club we have several goals depending on the level of your player but ultimately, we want your player to start with Wisconsin Premier and end with Wisconsin Premier and in between we’ll set your player up with the opportunities to have fun, make friends and take your player to the next level.

For U12 players and younger — We’ll increase VB IQ and establish great form and technique emphasizing the fundamentals

For U13 & U14 players — In addition to fundamentals, we’ll prepare you to make your high school volleyball team

For U15 & U16 players — We’ll prepare you to make your varsity high school team

For U16, U17 & U18 players — We’ll give you the tools and opportunity to maintain your varsity high school team status and to pursue collegiate volleyball including NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAI College or JR College

Whatever your age level we want to give you a positive, memorable experience.

You have a home with Wisconsin Premier