Club Policies

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  1. When you accept an offer to participate with Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club, you accept the financial obligations for the entire club fee for that season. When teams are comprised, monies immediately go directly into uniforms, tournament entry, travel, and other fees.
  2. Refunds will not be given to athletes who choose not to play because of conflicts, team or coaching assignments, or an individual’s playing time. For athletes who suffer season-ending injuries during play time as a Wisconsin Premier player, we will review options on a case-by-case basis with a physician’s letter. Injuries occurring outside of the Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club will not be considered for a refund.
  3. Dues are NON-REFUNDABLE for ANY reason, even in the event that your daughter/son quits, is suspended or injured at any point in the season.
  4. Refunds will be allowed until March 1, prorated to the start of the season after dues have been paid in full. Any refund after March 1 will not be allowed.

Badger Region Volleyball Association’s Policy On Unpaid Player Dues

This is directly from the Badger Region Volleyball Association’s Club Director Handbook:

A Junior Club player must remit all club fees as specified by their Club/Team, within the club’s scheduled time frame. If fees are unpaid at the end of the Club’s season, the Club Director may use any legal means necessary to obtain payment, i.e. collection agency. Nonpayment will result in the athlete’s name being submitted to the Badger Region Office, resulting in the athlete being restricted from registering or participating with the Region until the fees are paid. A letter requesting payment that includes the parent’s name, player’s name, player’s age level and notification of this policy must be sent to the family and a copy to the region office. Club directors must notify the region office immediately when payment has been made and the hold will be taken off the player’s membership in Webpoint.

Our Program Options and Fee Information

Payment Structure

  1. Because our club submits payment for many items and tournaments prior to collecting any money from participants, we ask that you pay in full. Should installation payment be needed, please contact the Director of Wisconsin Premier prior to accepting a position to work on arrangements.
    • Any payment that is late (more than 15 days) is subject to a $50 late fee. If the payment is paid late but WITHOUT the additional late fee, the player will not be allowed to play.
  2. Your membership dues are to be paid IN FULL at the season kick-off meeting on Dec. 5. Players will not receive uniforms or other equipment until these fees have been paid.
  3. Club dues are not dependent on the number of tournaments or practices a player can make. Each member of the team will pay the same amount for the entire season, regardless of time commitment.
  4. Coaches will not accept club dues payments. All payments must be mailed to the club director at the following address: 1317 W Towne Square Road, Mequon, WI 53092.
  5. The club director will not discuss specific arrangements with anyone other than the family.


Conflict Resolution Policy

Conflict Resolution Procedure

The following guidelines have been established to protect the players, coaches, and parents from uncomfortable and inappropriate situations when it comes to professional discussion and handling of grievances. The coaches within Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club have been instructed to adhere to these guidelines to better maintain the club/player/parent relationship.

The procedure for discussing concerns about policies and actions is as follows:

  1. The athlete should speak with the coach regarding the matter
  2. If the matter remains unresolved and there is a legitimate concern, the parent AND athlete should request to meet with the coach. Coaches will ONLY meet with parents when the athlete is present, and not at a tournament.
    1. Please do not confront a coach before, during, or after an event. Arrange to meet with your coach at a convenient time for all parties, including before or after practice.
    2. If a parent approaches a coach during a tournament, we have instructed our coaches to refuse to discuss the situation, refer the parent to a club director, and walk away.
    3. We also instruct our coaches not to get involved in a texting conversation.
  3. If the matter still remains unresolved, the parent can request a meeting with the club director, along with the coach and the player. THE PLAYER MUST BE PRESENT AT THE MEETING.

It is important that players and parents alike understand that conversation with a coach is allowed and encouraged at any time throughout the season as long as it is civil and polite. However, when problems arise, we will all need to be rational and calm before the discussion occurs.

  • Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club will not acknowledge or act upon any negative emails. While convenient for conveying details, email can also leave room for the interpretation of feelings and misunderstandings. To initiate the grievance process, please contact the coach by phone or schedule an in-person meeting.
  • Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club will require 24 hours from the time of the incident before a meeting is able to be scheduled. Please conduct all scheduling through email.
  • All problems or questions should wait until after the tournament or practice is concluded. At this time, our coaches would be more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have. The athlete must be included in this conversation. No conversations will be held without the athlete in attendance, to make sure that everyone is getting and giving the same message.

 Reporting Inappropriate Behavior of Club Staff

Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club vigilantly maintains a policy that places the safety of the young athletes entrusted to our care and instruction as our highest priority. We watch team activities and interactions closely to try to prevent miscommunications that cause discomfort to any of the athletes or parents. If you see the behavior of a Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club employee that you believe to be inappropriate, report it immediately to the club director. All complaints will be investigated. Any staff found to be in violation of the policy would be subject to discipline, which may include dismissal. There will be no retaliation against any complainants and/or witnesses who participate in an investigation. If you have any questions regarding the Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club policies or procedures, please do not hesitate to contact the club director.

Club Communication Policy & Guidelines

Parenting and coaching are important and complimentary vocations and by working together we are able to better provide benefits to the player. Since he/she is beginning to move into the adult world, one of our goals is to make them responsible for their own actions.

  • Examples of Communication Coaches Expect From Parents
    • Advanced notification of any schedule conflicts. Preferably an email or phone call.
    • Specific concern in regard to a coach’s philosophy and/or expectation.

Since our goal as a program is to move each athlete forward in their development as a player and a person, it is our request that you encourage your child to discuss any of the issues first with their coach. If your child is unclear about the resolution, please feel free to contact the coach with your child present.

  • Examples of Appropriate Concerns to Discuss With Coaches
    • The treatment of your child – both mentally and physically
    • Ways to help your child improve
    • Concerns about your child’s behavior

Our coaches are professionals who make tough decisions based on what they believe to be the best for the team and athletes involved. Certain things can and should be discussed with coaches. Other things, such as those in the following section, must be left to the discretion of the coach and will not be discussed, either in person or via phone or email:

  • Examples of Issues Not Appropriate To Discuss With Coaches
    • Team Strategy
    • Play Calling
    • Other Athletes or Coaches
    • Playing Time (unless framed such as “what can my child to do to earn more playing time?”)

Situations may arise that may require a conference between the coach and a parent. These are to be encouraged, and it’s important that both parents/guardians of the player have a clear understanding of the other’s perspective. Please see the above for the Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club Conflict Resolution procedure.

Camp Refund Policy

In the event you wish you cancel more than three (3) weeks (21 days) prior to the camp start date, a written request must be submitted to Wisconsin Premier either via email: [email protected] or mailed to 1317 W Towne Square Road, Mequon, WI 53092 for a full refund less a $35 cancellation fee. Or you may receive full credit to a future Wisconsin Premier event that may be transferred to a family member or friend under the same terms and conditions as the original registration.

If less than three (3) weeks prior to starting date, no refund or credit will be issued. However, the amount may be transferred to a family member or friend under the same terms and conditions as the original registration.

If the event is canceled by Wisconsin Premier, you will receive a full refund or credit for any registration fees paid.