Why Wisconsin Premier?

“I realized playing Club volleyball gives my daughter the experience she needs to play in high school. Without it, she’s behind and risks not making freshman volleyball team. Playing for Wisconsin Premier gave her what she needed, and more: confidence, friends and something to keep her busy during our long winter season!”

Wisconsin Premier offers a longer season with more play dates and more individual playing time than most clubs. At the younger levels, we encourage skill development in all positions.

Included in our Club Experience

Great coaching

Encouraging and skilled coaches
9-10 players per team for optimal experience


Practices 2 times a week
12s = 10 play days
13s = 15 play days
14-18s = 18-20 play days
5 extra positional practices


2 Jerseys
Warm up top
Practice shirt

bonus extras

2022 Wisconsin Premier Camps discounts
National qualifying tournament dues included
FREE admission for summer campĀ 

College Recruitment

Recruitment strategies
Leveraging connections
Assistance with the process


We provide a safe environment where we encourage growth, learning from mistakes, forgiveness, fortitude and humility.

We’ll treat her like family.