Below are some Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].


We want to help you make informed decisions so you can find the best fit for your player.

How is Wisconsin Premier different than the other clubs in the area?

Great question. Wisconsin Premier was formed to bring high level volleyball to the North Shore and Northwestern Milwaukee communities. We know there is a huge amount of talent here and we wanted to offer you the best with a short drive to a practice. To do this, we take our players and put them in the best position to advance by investing in phenomenal coaches. Our amazing coaches work with our players to be successful on and off the court. Whether it’s making the high school volleyball team or getting college scouts to watch you play, we will get you ready.

What is the cost of tryouts?

The cost of tryouts is $50.  This is a one time payment and good for both tryouts days. Player will receive a Wisconsin Premier Volleyball tryout shirt. We want each player to participate in both tryout days.

Which age level of tryouts should I attend?

All 40 regions of USA Volleyball use a player’s birth date, NOT GRADE, to determine what age-level the player can participate in during the club season. For the specific chart, please copy and paste this url: http://badgervolleyball.org/age-definitions/. Please note, we want each player to attend both tryout sessions as this is in their best interest.

What do I need to bring to tryouts?

First, a great attitude. We know some may be nervous so we do our best to make the player feel comfortable.
–There are 4 forms and a copy of Player’s Badger Region Membership Card that are a MUST to attend the tryout. For specific info and to download the forms, please go to Tryouts Page and scroll to Forms
–Tryout fee can be cash or check made out to: Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club.
–Water bottle is not necessary but highly encouraged

Can parents watch tryouts?

No. We have learned the players perform better without the pressure of parents or guardians watching.  Parents can sit in the lobby while waiting.

What is the process for tryouts?

Players will check in 30 min before their tryout time begins. Check-in includes: Turning in all forms and payment. Fill in registration form at the registration table. Pick up tryout t-shirt. Pose for photo to be taken of your player with their shirt number. NOTE: Player MUST bring  important forms!  (All of these can be found on our website. Copy and paste this url: https://wipremiervb.com/club-tryouts-2022/)  Tryouts on the first day will involve many different volleyball drills.  We do our best to make the tryout process easy for your athlete so they can have a clear mind when stepping on the court. We are sensitive to each of the players’ feeling and attitudes and have them in mind at all times.  Once tryouts are done, offers (identified by shirt numbers) will be posted that evening on our website on our Tryout Results page.  It is to the player’s advantage to attend both days.

How are players selected? Is it always the best players? Do I have a chance?

We have a staff that evaluates the players during tryouts. Naturally, the better your skills are, the higher probability of your selection. Please know that skill is not the only factor considered by a particular coach. Each team needs to be balanced in all positions, so the POSITION that you play, or look able to play, may be a factor. If you are the third best player at tryouts, and also the third best setter, you may not be selected unless the coach feels that he/she can easily train you into another position. The advantage to going to both days of tryouts is you may have a “better” tryout the second day and show other talents or strengths. Some coaches may factor in general athleticism and movement on the court. For others, attitude and team focus as well as a clear enthusiasm for volleyball are an important part of the equation. In all cases, the coaches will consider you not just on your own but as part of the team they are creating as they go through the selection process. Tryouts are a learning experience. Attend several tryouts or clinics to increase your comfort with the process.  At any tryout, we like when players are loud, have a positive energy and show great hustle. We look for a positive attitude and passion for the sport. WE MAY NOT GIVE OUT ALL THE OFFERS ON DAY ONE.

I want to play for Wisconsin Premier. What do I have to do to make sure I'm on the team?

• Be loud and show positive energy
• Work hard and hustle throughout the tryout
• Be a good teammate
• Show us why you love volleyball and have the passion for playing it

What is an Offer?

An “Offer” is the term for when a WPVBC coach invites a tryout player to be a part of one of the WPVBC teams.  When an athlete receives an Offer from one of our WPVBC staff it is because they feel she would be a great addition to our club and that select team. Our hope is that you let us know as soon as possible if you are accepting. This allows our coaching staff to make necessary decisions going forward.

Will I find out at Tryouts if I made a Wisconsin Premier team?

No.  Offers will be posted on our website: wipremiervb.com under “TRYOUT RESULTS” under the CLUB INFO tab. The list identifies the player by her tryout number on her tryout shirt. Day One Tryout Offers will be available at Saturday Evening at the time told to the players. Day Two Tryout Offers will be available within two hours of that age level tryout time. Offers will be given out on both days.We ask everyone to return on Sunday, whether Player did or did not receive an Offer. As much as our selection process is about the individual player, it is about the team as a whole and we need as much time as we can to evaluate players. Players who see their number on the website list will also get an e-mail confirmation.

What if I don't see my name on the Offer List?

If you do not see your Player’s # on the Offer list and want to find out where she stands on the full complete list, we ask that you come back on Day Two of tryouts to compete. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! THERE WILL STILL BE OPPORTUNITIES SO DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED!!! Then e-mail: [email protected] so we can tell you where she stands in relation to her peers.

What does it cost to play for Wisconsin Premier?

The plan is to have 2-3 teams per age level depending on tryout turnout.
Each team will have different pricing levels. The variables included in the team fee are as follows: tournament fees, practice facilities, uniforms, coaches, travel expenses, warm-up, equipment (balls and carts), assessments, and evaluations.
Fees are subject to change based on final team details and variables noted above.

When is payment due?

Payment is due December 15th for 15’s and above Teams.
Payment is due Oct 21st for 14 and Under Teams.

Why is there different pricing for the teams?

The difference in pricing is due to number of tournaments played, length of season and travel.

How often are practices and when and where are they held?

We hold practices a minimum of two times per week and attendance is expected. Practice location and time is based on the team. Gym availability is limited and can’t always be adjusted to player needs, but we do our best to work around other sport schedules that may be in season as the same time as volleyball. Practices are scheduled to be at University School of Milwaukee, Lake Shore Middle School, Homestead High School, Christ Alone, Milwaukee Lutheran, St. Francis Borgia (and we’re working on others.)

How long does the club season last?

Practices begin in December (November for the U12-U14 teams). Tournaments run from January through Memorial Day Weekend for the regular season for 15s and up. Some teams will attend  post season competition in June or early July. Some post season events accept all teams while others like the USAV National Championships requiring earning a bid through a qualifying event.

How often are tournaments held?

Each team selects a tournament mix. Teams may choose one-day tournaments in the metro region and/or weekend tournaments in other areas. Teams may play weekly, monthly, or something in-between. Some tournaments require overnight travel. The tournaments mix affects the cost/time commitment required by the players, and the family.  Our goal at Wisconsin Premier is to have tournaments twice a month, so there is never a big gap of time between events.

What does participating in a National or In-state Qualifier mean?

National Qualifier:  3 day tournament playing against teams from across the nation. It’s pool play on Day One. Day Two is reseeded pool play and Day Three is playoffs. The top three teams in a division qualify for USAV Nationals. The USAV Nationals are held in June/July. Wisconsin Premier teams participate in one of the following: Minneapolis Northern Lights Qualifier or MEQ in Indianapolis.
In-state Qualifier: 2 day tournament and teams must finish in the top half on Day One to play on Day Two. The tournament is held in Wisconsin at rotating venues. Day Two is playoffs and the teams that take the top 3 qualify for USAV Nationals.

Can I see tournament schedules so I can see if that schedule will fit my family needs?

Most tournament dates are not posted or known at the time of tryouts. Unfortunately, we are unable to even sign up for one-day tournaments until December 1. This is governed by Badger Region. We ask that once you accept an offer from one of our teams to please email coaches any conflicts in your schedule so we can try to work around it. Some examples of tournaments that Premier will be attending include:  The Showcase, President Day tournaments, Badger Region Championships, Nike Shoot out, Minneapolis qualifier, JVA events and other local Wisconsin tournaments and out of state tournaments.

How do the costs work for teams that qualify for Nationals or have their season go longer?

If a team qualifies for Nationals then WPVBC will cover the cost of the Nationals tournament entry fee. The qualifying  team families will cover the coaches travel cost and any additional fees; such as extra practice time, extra tournament, etc.
This cost is estimated between $300-$500 per family/athlete.

Some clubs say they are Elite and imply they get scholarships for their players. Can WPVBC help me get a college scholarship?

We cannot guarantee any player a college scholarship. However, many players that earn volleyball athletic scholarships and play in college developed their skills and got exposure to and were recruited by college coaches through club programs across the country. At Wisconsin Premier, we give our players the necessary tools to help them get to the next level of volleyball whether it’s NCAA D3, D2, D1 or NAIA level, and we work hard to make that happen.  Our staff is lined up with former players who went through the process of being recruited at all the college levels mentioned.  We make sure to help out colleges to get a chance to look at our teams and players.

I also play basketball and softball for my high school and plan to have a part in the spring musical. Will that be a problem?

Wisconsin Premier works well with players who play multi-sports.  Our expectation is that our players attend all practices and tournaments. We do our best to work around everyone’s schedule but please know that we cannot guarantee playing time if your player continually chooses to miss practices or tournaments for her other interests.

What do my dues include?

• Uniforms
• Warmups,
• Practice t-shirt
• Coaches
• Gym rental
• Equipment
• Tournament fees