Aileen Blough

Aileen Blough


Play Experience: Collectively I have 8-10 years of playing experience. Played all through elementary school and junior high. Took a break in high school to pick it up in college playing club for 2 years while playing coed recreational leagues for the past 4. 

Currently play grass, sand, and hard court volleyball.

Coaching Experience. I coached in high school and part of college for 4th-6th graders. 


As a player, I won 3 conference championships one year with my sister as my head coach. We only had 6 players on our team. We really bonded by always showing up for each other and never missing a practice or a game. That was by far my favorite year playing with my sister guiding me along the way. 

Besides those championships, I’ve won plenty of coed rec league championships over the years in college, and even a women’s doubles sand championship one summer. 

Currently, I compete in tournaments all around Wisconsin, mostly with my fellow coach, Allison, by my side. We have yet to win a tournament thus far, but have finished 2nd and 3rd place a few times!

More about Coach Aileen

Your favorite part about coaching volleyball?
I coach because I love this sport and I enjoy teaching the game to others. I strive to help anyone and everyone get better at the game that I have come to appreciate over all these years.
What I look forward to most is stepping back into coaching, alongside one of my best friends and current teammates, Allison. We both hope to make this season a fun one!

Favorite VB memory?
My favorite volleyball memory is having my sister as much coach. It was fun to share a sport that we both loved to play. She made sure I knew how to play every position on the court, and how to play each one well. By the end of the season she was calling me 007, like James Bond moving strategically on the court. That year with her will forever be my favorite volleyball season.

Why Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club?
I chose this club as I wanted to get back into coaching. The fact that I would be working beside my best friend made it that much of an added bonus.

What do you do outside of volleyball?
Outside of volleyball, I work night shift as a nurse on an Intensive Care Unit. My free time is spent hanging out with my friends, going to the gym, and catching up on sleep!

Favorite Quote?
My favorite quote is by one of the very first nurses ever, Florence Nightingale. She said “I attribute my success to this, I never gave or took any excuse.”