Allegra Derzon

Allegra Derzon


What are your volleyball accomplishments as a player or coach?

My love for the game of volleyball began when I made the volleyball team as a freshmen at Homestead High School.  I had never played before but as an athlete, the coach saw potential in me and I never looked back.  Winning the conference in ’95’ and ’96 were certainly highlights of my personal career and although I contemplated playing at the collegiate level, I turned down an opportunity to play at a small school and decided to attend the University of Wisconsin.  I coached at Little Rock Juniors in Arkansas for two years before moving to Las Vegas and building both the men’s and women’s volleyball programs at Rancho High School for 15 years.  You might think that my greatest accomplishments are the ‘coach of the year’ awards, or conference titles, or the first run in the state tournament since the 1980s, but these are simply great memories.  My greatest accomplishment is one that is repeated year after year – building up young athletes and creating belief and confidence in themselves so that they can realize how truly capable and talented they are.  This accomplishment transcends volleyball and permeates throughout the lives of the athletes I have worked with.  Seeing my student-athletes thrive in their careers as Air Force pilots, teachers, doctors, mothers and fathers, coaches, police officers and more; are the things that feed the soul.

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Your favorite part about coaching volleyball?
Building a culture in which being a phenomenal teammate is the number one priority. When you focus your attention on this piece, you will have no regret.

Favorite VB memory?
It’s impossible to narrow it down to one. Men’s 2010 team had the furious five. Five seniors who had the personality of the five characters from Kung Fu Panda and first playoff win in program history. Men’s 2017 team: Every player had a nickname and this was the center of the chemistry and camaraderie that was incredible. Women’s 2016 team: First round win in playoffs in nearly 30 years. Women’s 2019 team: First time in the Nevada State Tournament since 1988.

Why Wisconsin Premier Volleyball Club?
When I reached out to Wisconsin Premier about coaching, their warm welcome was immediate. This stood out to me and immediately I wanted to be part of the program.

What do you do outside of volleyball?
I am a high school teacher but since we just moved to Wisconsin, I am taking the year off to help my family get settled in. In my free time I enjoy running, biking, exploring, cooking, organizing, projects, etc.

Favorite Quote:
“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”
– Ruth Bader Ginsburg