alyssa biskupski

Experience and Background 
  • I have been an assistant or head coach for 7 years.
  • Currently, I am in my fifth year of coaching 7/8th graders at First Immanuel Lutheran.
  • This upcoming club season will be my fourth year at Premier.
  • Previously, I coached at Jr. Red Knights for 3 seasons, which included ages ranging from 14s to 17s.
  • Also, I have led and assisted in skills camps since 2012.
  • I played 3 years of varsity in high school.
  • In college, I played 2 years at Concordia. The other 2 years I was recovering from an ACL/meniscus tear and managed the team.
Coaching Philosophy
  • Everyone loves winning! Winning is awesome! However, growing players’ skills and mindsets towards the game is pretty awesome too. I encourage my players to test their bodies; to try something they don’t think they can do. The excitement they have when they are successful in these skills is my favorite part of coaching. 
  • A player does not become better at volleyball by coming into practice twice a week. She needs to put in hard work outside of the gym as well. My players are encouraged to lift and condition 2-3 times per week by themselves or with other teammates.
  • Lastly, I believe volleyball is a team sport. One player cannot do everything; she needs her teammates. Everyone needs to be encouraging and supportive of others. I do not tolerate attitudes that negatively affect the team or are disrespectful to anyone. Instead, I will give tips on how to stay mentally strong as a player and a person.
Certifications and Training 
  • First Aid CPR Certified
  • SafeSport Certified
  • Multiple tournament wins
  • All-Conference in High School
  • Conference Champs at CUW
  • Regional Manager of the Year at CUW
Personal Touch 

I am a preschool teacher at First Immanuel! I love to do crafts/projects, play in volleyball leagues/tournaments, explore/go on adventures/travel, watch HGTV and the Food Network, and spend time with my family, friends, and boyfriend!