Jac Zader

Experience and Background 

I have been coaching Wisconsin Premier for the last eight years. I have been both a head coach and assistant coach on teams with ages ranging from U12 to U16. I am also the current Homestead Boys JV coach, a position that I have held for the last four years.

I have been playing volleyball competitively and recreationally for the last 30 years. Most recently, I represented Wisconsin at the National Senior Olympics in the 50-55 age bracket.

Coaching Philosophy

A coach’s philosophy can vary depending on what age group you coach. There is a big difference between coaching U12 and U18. One consistent message that transcends age is the emphasis on teamwork. Volleyball is the ultimate team sport, no one player can determine a team’s success. Another area of emphasis for me as coach is to teach the mental aspect of the game. I think some coaches are so focused on skill development that not enough time is spent on understanding the game. I think they are equally important.  I do have a competitive streak in me and like to win but not at all costs. A focus of winning on its own can be detrimental to the growth and development of the girls if they are not enjoying themselves. I have seen too many girls get burnt out from playing volleyball because it is no longer fun. I always tell the girls that one of my goals is to get them to enjoy volleyball so that they play it as long as I have.

Certifications and Training 

I am certified by the Badger Region to coach club in Wisconsin and by the WIAA to coach high school. I am also certified in CPR.


I have been fortunate to coach several teams that have won tournaments. Most recently, our 14 Teal team took first place in the Digging in the Dells tournament last April. Over the last five years, I have won a gold, silver and bronze medal at the Wisconsin Senior Olympics in the 50-55 division.

Personal Touch 

When I am not coaching, I spend my free time golfing, biking and traveling around the country in my RV.