Wisconsin Premier has partnered with Steve Becker and his team of amazing Athlete Performance trainers to give your player an edge. 

We started to see too many kids hurt or wearing ankle braces as such a young age

The reality is we demand more out of our young players and it seems only right to give them the right training and conditioning to prevent injuries and maximize their efforts. Bringing Steve and his team at Athlete Performance made perfect sense for our players.

Laura Leszczynski
Wisconsin Premier Co-director
Total body - total athlete focus

In addition to vertical training

Wisconsin Premier and Athlete Performance are offering your player a custom, adaptive program to improve her functional volleyball strength. Focusing on:

  • Jumping and landing techniques
  • Footwork and lateral movement
  • ACL prevention
  • Lower extremity strength
  • Mobility, flexibility and core strength

Exclusive Wisconsin Premier Opportunity

Pre-season Training Camp in November

Club Season program

Valued at $600 – FREE to Wisconsin Premier Club Players